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The Wedding Crowd

When I received an email from Ro at 'The Wedding Crowd' asking me if I would like to become a supplier on her up and coming Wedding Supplier Platform, I was so excited!

The Wedding Crowd for those of you who don't know, 'began like most businesses, from a frustration. A frustration which grew the more I became involved in the wedding industry. After 2/3 years of being a wedding supplier, I had felt nothing but discouraged by the North West’s wedding scene. Everything was sparkly and glittery and so not me. I wanted a platform to display my work on and next to suppliers of a similar style. Having been involved in a few incredible shoots organised by other photographers, I began to get a taste for those and started to look into wedding platforms.

Having met with some suppliers of a similar style and niche, I began chatting to them it dawned on me that when asked why they started their business, virtually every single one of them began with: “Well, when I got married...” A huge number of them had began their businesses because when they were married, they couldn’t find the alternative suppliers and filled the gap themselves'

As soon as I got chatting to Ro, I realised her passion for this and wanted to become a part of her platform. I felt Ellicelydia was a perfect addition to the site where Brides-to-be could find a more unique way of buying underwear,not just from high street stores!

Once things were finalised, I sent away some pieces to be incorporated in to a shoot for The Wedding Crowd and I absolutely love the image that have been produced! Bella Art Photography captured our pieces perfectly with the help of an amazing team including Holly Pocket as Hair and MUA and of course Ro as Collective!

Enjoy these beautiful images they have created and do check out The Wedding Crowd if you're a Bride-to-be!

Collective: Ro at The Wedding Crowd

Lingerie : ElliceLydia

Ellicelydia x

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