The Wedding Crowd

When I received an email from Ro at 'The Wedding Crowd' asking me if I would like to become a supplier on her up and coming Wedding Supplier Platform, I was so excited!

The Wedding Crowd for those of you who don't know, 'began like most businesses, from a frustration. A frustration which grew the more I became involved in the wedding industry. After 2/3 years of being a wedding supplier, I had felt nothing but discouraged by the North West’s wedding scene. Everything was sparkly and glittery and so not me. I wanted a platform to display my work on and next to suppliers of a similar style. Having been involved in a few incredible shoots organised by other photographers, I began to get a taste for those and started to look into wedding platforms.

Having met with some suppliers of a similar style and niche, I began chatting to them it dawned on me that when asked why they started their business, virtually every single one of them began with: “Well, when I got