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J&S Jewellery

When someone asks, 'so where are you based?' And we reply, 'Norwich, Norfolk' they always say, 'that is in the middle of nowhere'. Yes we may be based in Norwich, Norfolk, which to some is 'quite a way out' but there are so many great things about being based here! Take the independent retailers/designers here!

And what with the wonders of the internet, if you aren't local and don't want to travel 'miles' to get to us, you can find us all online!

An independent company based here in Norwich too is J & S Jewellery! J&S Jewellery was founded by 2 sisters, Jenny and Sophie Laslett, each J&S Jewellery collection reflects a facet of the sisters personalities. With their combined creative skills, all design, sourcing, finishing and photography is done in house.

Sophie Laslett graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class degree in photography. Sophie art directs, styles and shoots all lifestyle and product photography for J&S Jewellery.

Jenny Laslett completed a degree in silversmithing and jewellery design from UCE. A highly experienced jewellery designer and maker, Jenny leads on J&S Jewellery’s collection curation – from initial design, sourcing and finishing.

We have worked together on several shoots before, incorporating my lingerie designs with their jewellery and I absolutely love their pieces! I have to say, one of the unique and amazing features I love about this company is that they are able to personalise the pieces to each customers request!

I recently received the most beautiful laser cut necklace just for ElliceLydia and I have had so many wonderful comments!

Have a browse at the wonderful pieces they have to offer, and dare I say the 'C' word, yes CHRISTMAS...haha! They would make great Christmas gifts! They pair REALLY well with our undies too! The perfect addition to any lingerie set!

Viola Bralet with J&S Jewellery

Black Classic Bralet with J&S Jewellery

Nude Classic Bralet with J&S Jewellery

I feel it is very important to support local, independent retailers and designers, and not only local to you, but support small businesses in general! These independent retailers and designers are what shows of the creativity that is capable, we have a passion for what we do and want to share it with as many people as possible!

So maybe this year, yes the 'Christmas' word again, try and make it your aim to source some gifts from independent designers and retailers! Unique, handmade items can sometimes be the most precious gift to give!

Ellicelydia x

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