J&S Jewellery

When someone asks, 'so where are you based?' And we reply, 'Norwich, Norfolk' they always say, 'that is in the middle of nowhere'. Yes we may be based in Norwich, Norfolk, which to some is 'quite a way out' but there are so many great things about being based here! Take the independent retailers/designers here!

And what with the wonders of the internet, if you aren't local and don't want to travel 'miles' to get to us, you can find us all online!

An independent company based here in Norwich too is J & S Jewellery! J&S Jewellery was founded by 2 sisters, Jenny and Sophie Laslett, each J&S Jewellery collection reflects a facet of the sisters personalities. With their combined creative skills, all design, sourcing, finishing and photography is done in house.